1983–1986 F150 3 inch Lowering I-Beams


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1983–1986 Ford F150 3 inch Lowering I-Beams

Made with thick walled DOM tubing our I-Beams are designed to lower the front suspension 3 inches and allow full alignment adjustment with factory coils.

We experimented with different ways to build a strong accurate lowering beam you can just bolt on.. Our exclusive tubular construction is the most accurate lowering beam anywhere. We use thick walled DOM tubing, nested, welded in the fixture giving you full alignment adjustment. The fabricated "I-beam" type parts suffer from "weld creep" as they are welded, which simply means they warp a little.  You only need to remove the factory beams and replace with our lowering beams and you have a 3" drop with the factory coils and full suspension travel.

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