Ford 97-03 F150 Truck - Bolt-On 4-Link Cantilever Suspension System

KP Components

SKU: KPC 4CBO-F71-20

This complete rear system incorporates both of our Bolt-on 4 link and Cantilever kits together into an incredible rear system that is not only a breeze to install, but out performs all other rear systems on the market, bolt-on or not. Fabricated with the quality you've come to expect from KP Components, it is able to lay out most 24 inch wheel and tire combinations and offers you about 12 inches of travel right out of the box. Kit Includes:

* Bolt-on front 4 link frame mounts.

* 4 link bars with adjustable rod ends.

* Bolt-on axle mounts with New U-bolts.

* Bolt-on panhard bar standard.

* Bolt-on rear cantilver frame brackets.

* Lower cantilever bars with bag mounts.

* Dog bones specific for your wheel size.

* Rear shocks.

* Grade 8 mounting hardware including new bushings and sleeves.

* Detailed instructions.

* Kit come in a satin black powdercoated finish.

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