98+ Ranger Adjustable Upper Control Arms



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Illusive Fab 98+ Ranger adjustable upper control arms with new Moog ball joints. We build these for the normal 2wd coil spring Rangers or the Edge/ Sport/ Explorer Torsion bar suspension trucks. Select your correct suspension the ball joints are different and so are the cups that they press into. The arms come as a pair and are raw steel or we also offer powder coat upgrades. All of our powder coated parts are media blasted (so the powder has something to bite to) and degreased before coating, not just some production coating that you have to worry about chipping off as soon as your parts arrive. We only recommend adjusting the arms out about 3/4" of an inch to help with alignment, the threaded studs are somewhat short in order to fit inside the arm before the bends. The arms also have more clearance for FWD offset wheels vs. DJM these arms work for static dropped or bagged/ juiced trucks. These arms are built to order.

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