AVS Pre-Wired Relay Harness




Introducing the UPDATED AVS Shaved Door Relay Wiring Harness!  For years we have been the only company in the market who offers a true 1-piece PLUG-N-PLAY relay harness - AND NOW WE'VE MADE IT EVEN BETTER! 

  • UPGRADED WIRING  - Beefed up!  We've increased the wire gauge size on the power distribution wires, door wires & back-up wires so they can deliver more current.

  • UPGRADED DOOR WIRING - Tired of coming up short?  We've increased the length of these wires from 10-ft to 15-ft.  Perfect for oversize vehicle or using a set on the rear doors.

  • UPGRADED CIRCUIT PROTECTION - So you popped a fuse and now you can't get in?  We've added a second fuse holder and fuse so now each door has isolated protection.  This way if you encounter an electrical short (let's say a wire accidentally gets screwed into), you won't pop the main fuse and lose power to both doors.  The fuse will pop only on the side where the short is at.  This way you can still pop your other door to get in the vehicle and you now know which side of the harness to troubleshoot.

  • UPGRADED WIRE PROTECTION & AESTHETICS -  Say goodbye to pinched or cut wiring!  We've added a heavy duty, flexible, nylon mesh sleeve around all of the door and back-up wires.  They not only protect against abrasions, but look super cool as well.  Every good car/truck builder knows that it's what's hiding behind the panels that counts...

  • UPGRADED BACK-UP STRAPS - The re-usable zip ties are outta here!  We've replaced them with an easier to use 12" long velcro strap.  Use these to secure your EMERGENCY BACK-UP WIRES under your ride.  We usually strap ours to the bumper bracket so they're easy to get to when needed.

  • PLUG-N-PLAY - No confusing wiring diagrams to follow or a bunch of wires and connectors to crimp.  Simply connect the red wire to (+) power, the black wire to (-) ground and then tap the green and blue wires onto your alarm/keyless/remote system for remote operation. Relay pack has approximately 15' of wiring to each door that simply plugs into AVS single or dual actuator kits.  Other brands make you wire your own relays, hoping that you have the right tools and know-how.  And they never give you enough wire!

  • EMERGENCY BACK-UP WIRES - One of the most sought out features of are harness!  These wires are a LIFE-SAVER in case you lock yourself out, lose or damage your remote, or even encounter a dead battery.  Simply go under your vehicle and undo the Velcro straps and extend your EMERGENCY BACK-UP WIRES.  Unscrew the insulating caps off of the RED & BLACK WIRES.  Now either have someone pull their vehicle up to your vehicle as if they were going to give you a jump-start.  Touch the black wire to the other vehicle's battery ground and the red wire to the positive for about a second.  Pop!  Your driver's door just popped open.  That simple!  You can even jump it off of a 12V or higher cordless drill battery.  (NO, a 9-volt battery won't work).  Unlike our competitors kits that use a push button under your vehicle, our method will not make it necessary to break your window in case of a dead battery!!!  A push button needs a charged battery to work - DUH... 

  • COMMON GROUND - Self grounding shaved door motors? No, NO, No!  Many kits on the market take a shortcut and have you ground the solenoid's ground wire to the door, or the solenoid itself has the ground wire connected internally to the solenoid housing.  Either way, this set up rely's on having an excellent ground connection through the hinges of the vehicle.  Some hinges are welded on while other are bolted on.  There is everything from grease, paint, etc. to get in the way of a good ground.  So in other words, DO NOT ground to the door!  Our harness takes all of the grounds from both doors, the remote receiver, back-up wires, etc. and runs them all into one common ground wire.  So you only have to make one ground connection under the dash.  Under the dash is where the vehicle manufacturer does all of it's grounds - again, in one common spot.

  • BUILT-IN POWER LOOM FOR REMOTE RECEIVER - Our harness is very well thought out.  We have a 2-wire loom which is dedicated to power our 8 or 12-channel receiver (or your own) so you don't have to keep making redundant connections under your dash. 

  • BUILT-IN OPTIONAL SWITCH INPUTS - Wanna ride?  If you're picking up your besty in your shaved 1962 Caddy, the last thing you want to do is to have to crawl or lean alllll the way across the seat to open the passenger door.  With an optional rocker switch or pair of billet push buttons centrally mounted on the dash or center console, you can easily pop open each others doors without breaking a sweat!

  • HEAVY DUTY SEE-THRU RELAYS WITH LED INDICATOR - These relays not only look cool, but light up with a blue LED when activated.  Perfect for diagnostics and troubleshooting.
PLEASE NOTE:  The wiring to the doors on this kit is 14 GAUGE and made to work efficiently with AVS shaved door motors.  We recommend that you DO NOT use this kit with SOLENOIDS as they require more amperage than this kit can handle.  Please see our other listings for AVS kits that include this harness along with their awesome efficient, quiet, and powerful gear actuated motors.

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